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Intoduction to coordinate systems


You can specify the coordinate system only when creating a project.

When creating a project, you need to set up the coordinate system (CS). When it comes to choosing a required coordinate system for your project, you should make the decision based on the area you want to work in: for each region, there is a local coordinate system optimized for this specific area.

You can set up the CS for your project as follows:

  • Choose from the library. Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 contain the verified registry of local CS for specific countries. All you need is to find your country from the registry and apply it to your project.
  • Apply global CS. This option is used to get started with the Emlid Flow app and quick tests in the field. This CS allows working with geographic coordinates—latitude, longitude, and ellipsoidal height.
  • Use custom CS. If you know the projection parameters and the required system is not supported in Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360, you can add your own CS.