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Emlid Caster is a cloud service that implements the NTRIP protocol and acts as a line of communication between connected to the Internet GNSS receivers.

With Emlid Caster, you can easily transmit RTK corrections—connect your base and rover to the same mount point, an automatically generated correction stream, and start surveying.

Choose your caster

Emlid Caster

Emlid Caster is a free starter version for those who have multiple base stations or lots of equipment. With this version, you can connect five bases and up to ten rovers to the automatically generated mount points and start surveying.

Emlid Caster Pro

Emlid Caster Pro is a fully-featured enterprise version for those who want to run a private RTK network or sell access to GNSS corrections. With this version, you can connect dozens of base stations with up to 1000 rovers over the Internet. The caster also allows you to easily manage your base stations, clients’ access, and connections.