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Reach has been replaced with Reach M+. Documentation for Reach M+ can be found here.

Reach RTK kit

Reach RTK kit includes the following:

  • 2x Reach RTK module

  • 2x Tallysman TW4721 antenna with adhesive mount

  • 2x DF13 <-> DF13 straight cable

  • 2x DF13 <-> jumper wires cable

  • 2x Micro-USB <-> USB cable

  • 2x Micro-USB <-> USB-F OTG cable

Standalone Reach unit

Standalone Reach units come with the following:

  • Reach RTK module

  • DF13 <-> DF13 straight cable

  • DF13 <-> jumper wires cable

  • Micro-USB <-> USB cable

  • Micro-USB <-> USB-F OTG cable


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