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Set up coordinate system from library


We recommend setting up the projects indoors before the survey as some coordinate systems require additional downloads in Emlid Flow.

This guide shows how to set up a coordinate system for your project in Emlid Flow or Emlid Flow 360.



You can only configure the coordinate system while creating a new project.

Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 contain a library of ready-to-use local coordinate systems and vertical datums for specific countries. If you need additional information on the coordinate system in your country, check the step-by-step guides:


If you can't find your country or region in the list, contact us at

To show you all the steps, we will walk you through the example of configuring a coordinate system for Switzerland.


While creating a project, follow the steps below:

  1. On the New project screen, tap Coordinate system.

  2. Search the required coordinate system by its name, country, or code.

    We enter Switzerland and pick CH1903 / LV03.


    To learn more about the suggested coordinate system, tap the info icon next to the system. Depending on the chosen coordinate system, the screen can contain the following information:

    • Datum and its reference ellipsoid with parameters
    • Global datum and its reference ellipsoid with parameters
    • Projection type and its parameters
    • Transformation type and its parameters
  3. Once you’ve selected the coordinate system, go to the Vertical datum section. The app will show you available vertical datums and corresponding geoids. Choose the one you need.

    We select LHN95 height.


Make sure that the coordinate system of your project and the base or NTRIP you use are in the required datum. You can find the required datum for your country in the countries list. You can also find this information in your project in Emlid Flow.

You can continue creating the project for survey.

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