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Collect points

This guide shows how to collect points to store their positions in a project using Emlid Flow.


Collector is a survey tool in Emlid Flow that allows making project-based points collection. Using the Collector tool, you can place GCPs on-site, conduct site boundaries measurement or store points’ positions in a project to use the data in GIS software later.

Collecting points

To collect a point using Emlid Flow, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Emlid Flow and connect to your Reach.

  2. Go to the Survey tab and open or create a project.


    To learn how to create a project, check the Create or import project guide.

  3. Tap the Plus button to open the Collector menu.


    The Collector menu has the following survey settings:

    • Pole height. By default, this parameter is set to 1.8  m.
    • Precision control. You can set your receiver to collect data only when your Reach has the FIX solution status.
    • Data collection time. You can specify the time interval of data collection.
  4. With the subscription plan, you can select the survey code you want to use by tapping the Code selector button.

  5. Collect the point. Once the process is over, the collected point will appear on the map.

You can continue measuring or saving the points to store their position in a project.

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