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Sensors temperature


Temperature fluctuations can influence the data that is acquired from sensors on the board. So we use the heating to maintain a stable temperature. It allows to get more accurate data. Using QGC you can not only monitor temperature but also change it.

Check temperature

You can check temperature of Edge's sensors using QGroundControl's Status box.

After starting QGC press (over Status box) and pick there temperature (1)


For better appearance you can pick Large

Now you can monitor temperature of the vehicle's sensors!


If you don't see window with temperature, just click on status box multiple times.

Change temperature

To change temperature, go to the Vehicle Setups menu and choose Parameters tab.

Fill the Search with "BRD_IMU_TARGTEMP" string and click on the found parameter. You will see Parameter Editor.

Enter the desired temperature and press Save:


Please don't set the temperature to something that is very different from the environment as we can't heat the sensors endlessly, likewise their temperature can't be lower than environment's. Therefore min temperature > temperature of environment, max temperature < +80 ºC.

After that your board temperature will gradually change. It takes about 1-2 minutes.


Calibrate your sensors only after temperature stabilizes.