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QGC changelog

QGroundControl changelog


  • Firmware Updater improvements
    • Fix OSX flashing
    • More debug information
    • Many bugfixes
  • Display vehicle type and ardupilot version
  • Presets for Relay Pins
  • RTK indicator now working with Reach
  • Support Reach M+ and Reach RS+
  • Reworked WiFi menu
    • Improved interface
    • Added settings of Access Point
  • Setup Wi-Fi RSSI failsafe


  • OSX support
  • WiFi setup menu
    • Display current WiFi mode
    • Get list of networks from Edge
    • Add/delete networks
    • Connect to client network
  • Firmware Updater improvements
    • OSX support
    • Save user settings
    • Disallow connect during update
  • Fix receiving resolution
  • Fix local IP determination for video streaming


  • Firmware Updater improvements
    • Firmware downloading
    • Firmware extracting
    • More attractive GUI
    • Cache for decompresser and downloader
    • Remote firmware version check
  • Reach support
  • Second GPS indicator
  • Digital RCin values
  • Fix parameters reset
  • Fix battery warnings


  • Support firmware updater for Windows
    • Drivers installation (for BCM2763/64)
  • Edge firmware version display
  • "time elapsed" messages for flasher and checksum calculator
  • Fixed couple of bugs


  • Firmware updater for Edge on Linux


  • Fix bug with a latency spike every 10 seconds on Windows


  • Vehicle selector
  • Video stream settings
  • Fixed reboot
  • Set UDP stream as default
  • Remove warning about calibration over Wi-Fi
  • Fix wrong state of sliders for radio calibration
  • Request streams of data after reboot of vehicle
  • Motor test
  • Second Power Module monitor