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GCS installation

QGroundControl for Edge


We need to install QGroundControl version specifically tailored for Edge, we call it "QGroundControl for Edge"

Please use download links below to get required QGroundControl version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The installation steps depend on the OS you use as well.


  • Download v3.2.4-edge-2.4 the app
  • Double click the executable to launch the installer and click through the required steps


apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-libav
  • Unzip and launch the QGC using the AppImage file

If you work with Ubuntu 18 or higher, run the following command to fix the missing dependency:

sudo apt install libespeak1

Mac OS X

  • Download v3.2.4-edge-2.4 the app
  • Double-click the .dmg file to mount it, then drag the QGroundControl application to your Application folder.