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Vibration damping

In case of a high vibration on a frame it is possible to install Edge on a vibration damping platform. It can drastically reduce the noise coming from motors that shake your frame or other random sources of noise and can greatly improve the flight experience.


We developed a model of vibration damping platform specifically for Edge and tested it multiple times with great results. The platform can be easily 3D-printed using the following STL files.


Base platform model

Here you can see the dimensions of the base platform

Front and back

These are the ones that are intended to be screwed to the Edge controller itself

Front model

Back model


First off, you need to screw down the front and back of the vibration platform to the Edge.

Then install vibration damping balls into a vibration base damping platform

This will yield in something like this

So, now you have a platform in which you will install the Edge drone controller

Finally, connect two platforms