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Firmware update

Connect Edge to a computer


Power off Edge before connecting it to the computer

To connect Edge to your computer use a Micro-USB to USB-A cable from the kit.

  • Plug Micro-USB connector into the PC port on Edge
  • Plug another end of the cable into a USB port on your computer

Flash your Edge

QGroundControl (Windows/Linux/OSX)


Graphical user interface depends on your system. Main steps are equivalent for all supported operating systems.

Open QGroundControl, choose Setup menu and go to Firmware tab

Plug in your device (If you did not do it before) and wait until QGroundControl automatically detects it.

Next, click on the Connect button to start initialization your device.


On Linux QGroundControl will ask you for administrative privileges.

Wait several seconds while QGrounControl initializes your device.

After initialization completes, you'll see this dialog with:

  • Needed disk space for download and exatract firmware image
  • Release date of new firmware
  • Available version of firmware for Edge
  • Current version of plugged Edge

Next, you should click Ok and firmware update will start. You can cancel the update process by pressing Cancel button.

When firmware update complete, you can unplug your device.