Edge drone controller

Power input voltage:

Min 4.7V
Max 5.2V

Maximum current load for accessories connected to peripheral ports:

Ports Max current load
USB1 + USB2 1300mA
RC-Input 300mA

Edge power consumption (not including consuption by connected accessories):

State Max current consumption
W/o video compression ~400mA
With video compression ~700mA

Sum current consumption by Edge drone controller with maximum load on peripheral ports is 3A.

Power module

Input voltage 4.3 - 60 V
Max current 60 A
200 A
(with resoldered connectors and wires)
Output voltage 5 V
Output current 3 A
Frequency 5.180–5.825 GHz
Transmit power Up to 27 dBm
Connectors JST-GH
Certification CE, FCC