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Power supply and operation

This guide provides you with information on the power supply and operation of your Reach RX.


Reach RX has 2 LEDs—Battery LED and Status LED. The Battery LED indicates the battery charge level and is located above the power button. The Status LED indicates the operating states of the receiver. The power button is used to turn on and off the receiver and to check the battery charge level.

Reach RX LEDs overview

Checking battery charge level

You can check the battery charge level with a short press on the power button. Learn more about the Battery LED status below.

RX is turned off


RX is turned on


RX is charging

Fully charged

Charging Reach RX

Reach RX has a built-in Li-Ion battery providing up to 16 hours of autonomous work when operating as an RTK network rover. You can power and charge Reach RX over the USB Type-C cable supplied with the receiver using power supplies like:

  • Power bank
  • USB wall adapter

Operating receiver

You can check the operating state of the receiver by watching its Status LED. Learn more about Status LED states below.

Reach RX is turned off.

Reach RX is loading.

Reach RX is operating.
This state can be represented by 3 different collors: white, yellow and green.