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How to log data for PPP

This guide shows how to record logs for Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and download them from Reach RS/RS+ using ReachView 3.

Precise Point Positioning or simply PPP is a technique that requires processing a raw data log from the standalone receiver for further removing or modeling GNSS system errors to provide a high level of position accuracy.


To learn more about PPP, check the Precise Point Positioning article.

How to record logs


Only NRCAN CSRS-PPP and IBGE-PPP services support PPP for single-band receivers. Pay attention that the obtained results will have a submeter-level accuracy.

To record logs for PPP, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Logging screen in ReachView 3.

  1. Tap Settings in the Raw data section.

  2. Choose the RINEX format and tap Apply.


    If you do not know which version of RINEX you need, we recommend using RINEX 3.03.


    While recording in the RINEX format, you can record the UBX file as a backup. Tap the gear icon to access Logging settings and check the box marked Backup source data for RINEX.

  1. Choose the preset depending on the used service.

  2. Use the antenna height and enter the measured height to the bottom of the receiver.

  3. Fill in the point's name in the Marker name field.

  4. Tap Apply.


    You can start recording automatically when your receiver is turned on. Check the corresponding field in the settings.

  5. Enable log recording by tapping Start recording.


    PPP service requires recording the data for 4 hours at least.

  6. Stop log recording by tapping the End recording button.


    Wait for data processing to finish.

Download logs

To download logs, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Logs section at the bottom of the Logging screen.


    You can also find information on the logs size and recording date and time here.

  2. Tap the Download logs button.

  3. Save your log depending on the device you use.


    If you do not need your logs anymore, you can delete them using the Edit button.

When the logs are downloaded, you can start working with your data in the PPP service.