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Microsurvey FieldGenius Setup guide

In this tutorial, you will find the information on how to setup data collector running FieldGenius with Reach via Bluetooth. Step-by-step guide can be also found on MicroSurvey knowledgebase.


If you use FieldGenius for Android, please refer to the Bluetooth output and Android mock location guide.

Configuring Bluetooth connection#

  • In the ReachView 3 app go to Bluetooth tab. Turn on Bluetooth and make Reach always discoverable

  • In Windows, go to Bluetooth settings and select Add a Bluetooth Device. Select Reach from the list of discovered devices and confirm the connection

  • When pairing is completed you will see Windows device is listed in the ReachView 3 app. Reach device will be listed as a device in Windows

Configuring ReachView 3#

After successful Bluetooth pairing you should configure BT position output and correction input if needed.

Position output#

  • Go to the Position output tab in ReachView 3 and select the Bluetooth tab. Select the NMEA format and click Apply

Correction input#

  • If you want to send the corrections from your controller via Bluetooth, go to the Correction input tab and select the Bluetooth tab

Configuring FieldGenius#

Creating a new project and instrument profile#

  • Launch FieldGenius. It will ask to create a new project. On this step, you can go to Project Settings to configure units and coordinate system. Click OK to proceed

  • You will see FieldGenius interface. Choose Select Instrument

  • Choose the GNSS Rover instrument type and add new instrument profile

  • Set Reach profile name and click Save

Configuring the communication between FieldGenius and Reach#

  • Pick the Edit option to configure the receiver parameters

  • Select Model and Communication

  • Select NMEA from the Make list and Basic Model. Click on Bluetooth Device List

  • Click Search in Bluetooth Device List

  • Select Reach device

  • Enter the default PIN Code (it is "123456" for Reach) and press OK

  • After adding Reach device in Bluetooth Device List, return to Model and Communication settings and click Connect

  • You will see progress dialog

  • If the connection is successful, the position will be displayed with a number of satellites and PDOP

Configure FieldGenius to receive RTK corrections from a NTRIP caster#

  • Go to Instrument Settings

  • Choose Link Configure

  • Pick Data Collector Internet in Link Device and click Setup

  • In the dialog window click Press to Modify

  • Click Add in NTRIP Casters dialog and enter NTRIP caster details. Press OK

  • Select the created caster

  • Pick OK to finish the setup

  • In Link Configure dialog pick Connect

  • Once connected to the Internet, request the sourcetable and choose a mountpoint

  • In a moment you will see the solution status in FieldGenius interface

  • You can also go to ReachView 3 to check the solution status