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LED status

Reach RS/RS+ has three LEDs which are used as status indicators for three different parts of the system.


If the loading animation is over, then you can connect your phone to Reach. Power LED will also confirm shutdown (after holding the power button for three seconds) with three fast blinks.

Normal operation
Battery chargeOnly for RS+
Low battery


During boot, Reach RS/RS+ enters a network scan state in which it will try to connect to any known Wi-Fi networks it can find. This might result in connecting to a previously added network or creating its own hotspot.

Client Wi-Fi mode
Hotspot mode


Stat LED is used to display Emlid Flow status.

Time sync
Normal operation
Point collection
Internal error


When Reach RS/RS+ is loading, all of its LEDs are blinking together to make it look like a progress bar. After they stop, Reach needs a bit more time to finish time sync. Wait for the green LED to stop blinking. After that, Reach and Emlid Flow are ready for work.