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Create or import project


We recommend creating projects before the survey since some coordinate systems require additional downloads in Emlid Flow.

This guide describes how to create or import a project in Emlid Flow or Emlid Flow 360 to survey.


Projects are a way to group and operate your survey data. Using projects, you can collect and stake out data in the preferred coordinate system. Projects can be linked with a code library to help you manage survey data later in the post-processing.


Every survey starts with a project.

Creating project

To create a project in Emlid Flow or Emlid Flow 360, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Emlid Flow and go to the Survey tab.

  2. Tap the Plus button in the top right corner to open the New project screen and fill in your project info.

  3. With the subscription plan, you can link a code library to your project to work with lines and codes.


    You can specify the linked code library only when creating a project.

  4. Specify the coordinate system you want to work in.


    Check the Coordinate systems introduction to learn more.

  5. Choose the units of your project in the Linear units section.

  6. Tap Save. Emlid Flow will open the project.

Once the project is created, you can start working with survey tools in Emlid Flow.

Importing project data

To import the project, follow the steps below:

  1. Swipe up the project drawer and tap the Import button.


    You can also import the project from the Survey tab by tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner.

  2. Tap the import format you want to use. The format requirements will appear.

  3. Choose the project file.


    Emlid Flow supports projects only with points and lines. Lines support is included only in the subscription plan.

  4. Wait until Emlid Flow finishes importing the project. Once the project is imported, you will see the confirmation sign.

Now all the objects are imported to your project.

Adding NTRIP profile

When setting up a project, you can also add an NTRIP profile at this stage to receive NTRIP corrections during your surveys. You can create and manage NTRIP profiles in both Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360, and your profiles will be synchronized between the applications.

To add a new NTRIP profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Emlid Flow app, and go to Profile.

  2. Tap My NTRIP profiles.

  3. Tap the blue plus button in the upper-right corner.

  4. Fill in the information from your NTRIP provider.


    To find out which mount point suits you better, check the website of your NTRIP provider. The closer the mount point, the more precise your solution will be.


    On some Android devices, default keyboards do not provide a minus sign. To get access to it, we recommend downloading Gboard, a virtual keyboard app, from the Google Play Store.

  5. Tap Save in the upper-right corner.

Now your new NTRIP profile is saved in your NTRIP profiles list.

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