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Hardware integration

Reach supports various accessories via its built-in USB OTG port and UART interface on the DF13 connector.


It is possible to connect radio modules to Reach Module in order to obtain corrections or send calculated coordinates.

Most radios nowadays use UART or USB as a connection.

Connecting UART radio

Logic level on UART in Reach Module is 3.3V but pins are 5V tolerant, so you can use both 3.3V and 5V logic level radios.

UART radio is accessible on Reach Module as a serial device with the name ttyMFD2.

To connect UART radio to Reach Module use upper DF13 port (the one near the USB).

Reach pinsRadio pins

3DR Radio

Connection diagram for 3DR Radio v2:

3DR Radio can also be connected over USB.

RFD900 Radio

Connection diagram for RFD900 radio:


Please mind that RFD can consume up to 800 mA in peaks so make sure that your power source can provide enough power for both Reach and RFD900.

Connecting USB radio

To connect USB radio to Reach Module use USB-OTG cable provided with the package. Plug radio into USB-F port and plug Micro-USB end of the cable in Reach Module.


When using USB port in OTG mode Reach Module has to be powered over one of the DF13 ports.