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Getting Started

This guide provides an overview of Emlid Caster Pro and shows how to get access to it.



Emlid Caster Pro is accessible on a paid subscription, but you can start a 1-month trial. Check the Emlid Caster Pro page to learn more about Emlid Caster Pro tiers.

Emlid Caster Pro is an enterprise version of Emlid Caster that combines features of both NTRIP caster and NTRIP service. With a ready-to-use infrastructure, you can easily build your own correction network, provide NTRIP corrections to third-party rovers, and manage connections.

NTRIP caster & NTRIP service

NTRIP caster acts as a line of communication between connected to the Internet GNSS receivers using the NTRIP protocol. With NTRIP caster, you can pass RTK corrections from the base to the rover.

NTRIP service acts as a correction network that allows you to provide access to the nearest third-party base to the third-party rovers. With NTRIP service, all your client needs is a rover and an Internet connection.

Get access to Emlid Caster Pro

To get access to Emlid Caster Pro, you need to upgrade your Emlid Caster account. The upgrade process is simple. Follow the steps below:


If you do not have an account yet, sign up for Emlid Caster and request an upgrade to Emlid Caster Pro.

  1. Submit a request by filling in a form on the Emlid Caster Pro page.

After processing your request, we will contact you on the account upgrade.

  1. Go to the Emlid Caster Pro page and sign in with the same email you used for Emlid Caster.

Once you sign in, you will get access to the dashboard to set up and manage connections.


If you configured and used mount points in Emlid Caster, they will move to Emlid Caster Pro.