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Performance specs

Datasheet for Reach RS2 [PDF, 627 KB]

Mechanical specs

File name Download link
Reach RS2 general drawing reachrs2-drawing [PDF, 1 MB]
Reach RS2 3D model in STEP format reachrs2 [STEP, 36.8 MB]
Reach RS2 3D model in IGES format reachrs2 [IGES, 41.7 MB]

Electrical specs

Reach RS2 extension connector pinout [PDF, 1 MB]

Extension cables specs

Cable type Download link
Without second connector 2m without-connector [PDF, 40 KB]
DB9F 2m DB9F [PDF, 58 KB]
DB9 2m DB9 [PDF, 57 KB]

Serial Number

Scan QR code under the SIM card slot cover to see serial number of your Reach RS2.


CE Compliance documents can be found here:

Reach RS2 CE Declaration of conformity