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Performance specs

Datasheet for Reach RS2 [PDF, 5,7 MB]
Datasheet for Reach RS2+ [PDF, 1,4 MB]

Ports overview

SIM card slot

Reach RS2 has a built-in 3.5G modem with 2G fallback and global coverage. To get the corrections from NTRIP, you can simply insert the GSM SIM card inside Reach RS2 and set it up following the Connecting Reach to the Internet via built-In modem guide.

External bottom connector

Reach RS2/RS2+ has External bottom connector which can be used in several ways:

  • To supply constant power from an external battery. In Emlid Flow, you can also configure the receiver to automatically turn on and off when an external battery is connected or disconnected. It's useful when you want to set up RS2/RS2+ as a permanent base or integrate it with a tractor for precision agriculture.

  • To establish RTK communication with third-party devices. You can connect an external radio via External bottom connector and stream corrections using RS-232 serial communication protocol.

  • To stream Reach's position to other devices or third-party apps. You can connect a device or third-party app via External bottom connector and stream Reach’s position using RS-232 serial communication protocol. You just need to enable the Position streaming option in Emlid Flow.

USB-C port

Reach RS2/RS2+ receiver can be charged via a USB-C cable connected to the power bank or USB adapter.

To establish RTK communication with third-party devices, you can connect external radio via USB-C port.

You can enable the Position Streaming to other devices or third-party apps via USB-C port. You just need to turn on Position Streaming in Emlid Flow.

LoRa radio port

Reach RS2/RS2+ has a built-in low-powered LoRa radio for RTK communication between Reach devices. Attach the LoRa antenna and set up the LoRa link following the Base and rover setup guide to work on the baselines up to 8 km in the line of sight Emlid Flow.

5/8" thread

Reach RS2/RS2+ can be placed on the survey pole or tripod using this thread.

Mechanical specs

File nameDownload link
Reach RS2/RS2+ general drawingreach-rs2-rs2plus-drawing [PDF, 807 KB]
Reach RS2/RS2+ 3D model in STEP formatreach-rs2-rs2plus [STEP, 38.6 MB]
Reach RS2/RS2+ 3D model in IGES formatreach-rs2-rs2plus [IGES, 43.7 MB]

Electrical specs

Antenna reference point (ARP) of Reach RS2/RS2+ is situated on the bottom of the receiver. For Reach RS2/RS2+, the distance between the ARP and GNSS antenna is 134 mm.

Reach RS2/RS2+ External bottom connector pinout [PDF, 836 KB]

Extension cables specs

Cable typeDownload link
Without second connector 2mwithout-connector [PDF, 135 KB]
DB9F 2mDB9F [PDF, 139 KB]
DB9 2mDB9 [PDF, 139 KB]

Serial Number

Scan the QR code under the SIM card slot cover to see serial number of your Reach RS2/RS2+.