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Introduction to ReachView 3

In this article, you will find information on the ReachView 3 app, its features, and its use. The article includes the following sections:

About ReachView3

What is inside

Choose coordinate systems

Choose from a variety of coordinate systems. The selection is based on the EPSG and IGN registries and supports grids and geoids. In addition to that, the app supports different units of measurement.

Set up custom coordinate systems

Set up custom coordinate systems. If you work with a coordinate system that is not included in the list of coordinate systems in the app, you can configure its parameters in a few steps.

Handle complex projects

Manage a project with plenty of points on the go using smooth navigation within the app. The point collection includes time averaging, auto-naming, and description fields. The point stakeout is supplemented by the user-friendly map.

Store the survey data on the mobile device

Store the survey data on your mobile device and access it anytime without connecting to your receivers. Import and export collected data using Dropbox, Drive, Mail, or any other file-sharing app on your phone. CSV export is also available.

Connect to the receiver and configure it easily

Automatically connect to your device using ReachView 3. If there is more than one receiver, ReachView 3 will show them in the list. The information on the receiver solution status, battery charge, the number of satellites in view, status of the cellular modem is indicated throughout the app.

Use correction input profiles

Keep all accounts for NTRIP services in one place and switch between them. All credentials are stored inside ReachView 3.

Configure NMEA Position Streaming

Configure NMEA Position Streaming to connect your Reach as a rover to various 3rd-party device, for example, GIS apps, software for GPR, and agriculture machinery. You can change Talker ID from GP to GN, select the required messages, and set the output rate.

Downloading ReachView 3

Download the app to your mobile device.

Google Play Store (Android 5.1 or later)App Store (iOS 14.0 or later)
Download ReachView 3Download ReachView 3

Getting started with ReachView 3

First use of the receiver

If this is the first time you use Reach, please check the following guides:

First use of the app

If this is the first time you use ReachView 3, please check the following guides: