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Source code

You can get the source code of QGroundControl by typing these commands

$ git clone
$ cd qgroundcontrol
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Supported builds

Currently, QGroundControl for Edge supports builds for Windows and Linux.




You need to install Qt as described below instead of using pre-built packages from say, a Linux distribution, because QGroundControl needs access to private Qt headers.

  • Download the Qt installer.
    • Make sure to install Qt version 5.9.1 ONLY with QtRemoteObjects framework.
    • Ubuntu: Set the downloaded file to executable using: $ chmod +x. Install to default location for use with ./
    • If you install Qt to a non-default location you will need to modify in order to run downloaded builds.

Make sure to install VS 2015 32 bit package.

Additional packages

  • Linux(Ubuntu): $ sudo apt-get install espeak libespeak-dev libudev-dev libsdl2-dev libblkid-dev

Video streaming


Make sure you select "Complete" installation instead of "Typical" installation during the install process. The installer places them under c:\gstreamer, which is where the QGC build system will look for it.

Building using Qt Creator (Windows and Linux)

  • Launch Qt Creator and open the project.
  • Select the appropriate kit for your needs:
    • Linux(Ubuntu): Desktop Qt 5.9.1 GCC bit
    • Windows: Desktop Qt 5.9.1 MSVC2015 32bit

Shadow build from command line

From QGroundControl directory

$ cd ..
$ mkdir qgrondcontrol_build
$ cd qgroundcontrol_build
$ qmake ../qgroundcontrol/ CONFIG+=release # or debug
$ make