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Rover Setup

Coordinate System

Choose a coordinate system based on ISN2004 (such as ISN2004 / Lambert 2004), ISN2016 (such as ISN2016 / Lambert 2016), or ISN93 (such as ISN93 / Lambert 1993) datums.

Vertical Datum

Choose the ISH2004 height vertical datum.

The following geoids are used to perform the transformation:

  • Icegeoid_ISN2004
  • Icegeoid_ISN2016
  • Icegeoid_ISN93

When using the ISH2004 height vertical datum, a correct geoid file will be selected automatically based on the chosen horizontal system:

  • Projects based on the ISN2004 datum use the Icegeoid_ISN2004 geoid
  • Projects based on the ISN2016 datum use the Icegeoid_ISN2016 geoid
  • Projects based on the ISN93 datum use the Icegeoid_ISN93 geoid

Base Setup

Your base or NTRIP service should be in ISN2004, ISN2016, or ISN93, depending on which datum is used.

When setting up a base station on a benchmark, enter ISN2004, ISN2016, or ISN93 geographic coordinates (lat/long) and ellipsoidal height in the ReachView 3 Settings / Base mode.