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Rover Setup

Coordinate System

Choose a coordinate system based on RGF93 (such as RGF93 / CC42) or RGSPM06 (such as RGSPM06 / UTM zone 21N) datums.

Vertical Datum

Choose one of the available vertical datums:

  • Danger 1950 height
  • NGF-IGN69 height
  • NGF-IGN69(RAF09) height
  • NGF-IGN69(RAF18B) height
  • NGF-IGN69(RAF20) height
  • NGF-IGN78 height

The following geoids are used to perform the transformation:

  • RAC09
  • RAF09
  • RAF18
  • RAF18B
  • RAF20
  • RASPM2018
  • The Danger 1950 height vertical datum uses the RASPM2018 geoid.

  • The NGF-IGN69 height vertical datum uses the RAF18 geoid.

  • The NGF-IGN78 vertical datum uses the RAC09 geoid.

  • Projects based on the RGSPM06 datum are compatible with the Danger 1950 height vertical datum.

  • Projects based on the RGF93 datum are compatible with any vertical datum except the Danger 1950 height.

Base Setup

Your base or NTRIP service should be in RGF93 or RGSPM06, depending on which datum is used.

When setting up a base station on a benchmark, enter RGF93 or RGSPM06 geographic coordinates (lat/long) and ellipsoidal height in the ReachView 3 Settings / Base mode.