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Rover Setup

Coordinate System

Choose a coordinate system based on MGI (Ferro) (such as MGI (Ferro) / Austria East Zone) or MGI (such as MGI / Austria East Zone) datums.

Vertical Datum

Choose one of the available vertical datums:

  • EVRF2000 Austria height
  • GHA height

The following geoids are used to perform the transformation:

  • GEOID_GRS80_Oesterreich
  • GV_Hoehengrid_plus_Geoid_V

The EVRF2000 Austria height vertical datum uses the GEOID_GRS80_Oesterreich geoid. The GHA height vertical datum uses the GV_Hoehengrid_plus_Geoid_V2 geoid.

Base Setup

Your base or NTRIP service should be in ETRS89. The AT_GIS_GRID grid is used to perform the datum conversion.


You can't use this datum conversion from ETRS89 to MGI or MGI (Ferro) for cadastral purposes. It does not comply with the rules for control network tie-in as per Paragraph 3 of the Land Survey Regulations (Vermessungsverordnung) 2010.

When setting up a base station on a benchmark, enter ETRS89 geographic coordinates (lat/long) and ellipsoidal height in the ReachView 3 Settings / Base mode.