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To connect Reach to new Wi-Fi network, find it in the list of Available Networks, click on the name and fill in the password. If this network is not visible, you can add it by tapping on the Connect to a hidden network button.

Enable Hotspot to switch Reach to the hotspot mode. Tap the Edit button to change the password of the network Reach creates.


If a SIM card is inserted into Reach, you can enable sharing mobile data from Reach in hotspot mode.

During power up Reach will search for known Wi-Fi networks and if it does not see any create a hotspot.


If you want to make Reach create hotspot every time, you should delete all Wi-Fi networks from the list. It is not possible to delete the network that you are currently connected to, so you will need to switch Reach to hotspot mode. After switching to hotspot and connecting to it you will be able to delete all Wi-Fi networks and Reach will always start in hotspot mode.