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Mobile data

Enable Mobile data on Reach to get corrections from NTRIP over the Internet if a SIM card is inserted.

Check how to insert a SIM card into Reach RS2 in our video guide


You may need to enter the APN details of your mobile operator to connect to mobile data. Reach out to your mobile network operator to get APN.

Share mobile data from Reach in hotspot mode#

Reach with SIM card can share an Internet connection with other devices. Enable this option to provide your phone or tablet with mobile data.

Data Roaming#

Switch on the Data Roaming if you want to get the Internet connection internationally.


Sometimes, you need to enable roaming when you work in a different region within the same country. Check with your local provider before work.


You can check data usage statistics in the Current period field. View how much cellular data Reach has used from the last reset.

Tap on Reset button to start collecting statistics from scratch.


This field contains additional information about your SIM card such as IMEI number.