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Connecting Reach to Internet via built-in modem

Connect Reach to the Internet via built-in cellular modem to get corrections from your NTRIP service.

Video guide#

The video below covers the process of SIM card setup.

Text guide#

SIM card setup#


Make sure you have a nano-SIM card. You can cut your SIM сard to the format.

  • Find the SIM card slot under the black sealing

To prevent slot damage, please use it with care.

  • Slide the metallic cover to the right to unlock the slot

  • Pull the cover up to open the SIM card slot

  • Insert your SIM card into the metallic cover

  • Return the slot cover into the horizontal position and slide left to lock the slot

Configuring Mobile data#

  • Power up your receiver and connect your device with the ReachView 3 app to its hotspot
  • Wait until Reach finishes loading your SIM сard

If the SIM сard requires a PIN code, the app will ask you to type it into the pop-up field. If you don't know your PIN code, contact your cellular service provider for this information.

You will see the network bars indicating a connected SIM сard.

  • Go to the Mobile data tab and enable cellular network

If everything is correct, you will see the network bars and the connection type next to the battery icon showing Mobile data is turned on.


You can allow using mobile data for updates by turning on the Allow updates using mobile data option on the Mobile data screen. However, we recommend updating your Reach using Wi-Fi network due to the large bulk of data.

Configuring the mobile data connection using SIM cards with authentication#

If you use a SIM card that requires authentication, for example, an M2M SIM card, you will need to configure APN settings. Follow the steps below:


Information on the authentication type, username, and password is provided by the network carrier.

  1. Enter the name of your APN

  2. Choose the authentication type

  3. Fill in your username and password in the corresponding fields

  4. Tap Apply

  1. Turn on mobile data

Once Reach connects to the Internet, you can set it up to get corrections from NTRIP service.