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How to download files from Reach

This guide overviews how to download system report, export survey project or save logs from Reach on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


You need to connect to ReachView 3 over Wi-Fi to download files. Files cannot be transferred over USB.

Turning Reach on#

Press Reach power button and wait until it boots.

When the Power LEDs and Power button stay solid, check the Network LED status.

  • Network LED is solid white. Reach is in hotspot mode and you can connect your laptop ot phone to it.
  • Network LED is solid blue. Reach is in client mode and connected to the Wi-Fi network.
Hotspot modeClient mode

Connecting to ReachView 3#

Reach is in hotspot mode#

  • Get the app from Google Play or Apple Store
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your device
  • Connect to Reach hotspot. It appears as reach:XX:XX
  • Enter password emlidreach
  • Launch ReachView 3
  • Choose Reach from the list

Reach is in client mode#

  • Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as Reach
  • Scan for available Reach devices
  • Choose Reach from the list

Downloading files#

System Reports#

System reports carry important for issue resolving information about Reach settings and state. There are two types of system reports:

  • Simple report provides ReachView 3 version, configurations, and network information
  • Full report includes a more technical device description with system logs

We do not recommend to post Full report publicly as it contains sensitive information such as Wi-Fi and NTRIP credentials and location.

To download the system report you just need to open the Settings tab in ReachView 3 and go to General settings.


You can download logs as well as start or stop logs recording in the Logging tab of ReachView 3.

Survey projects#

Survey projects contain points you saved during the RTK survey. You can find them in the Survey tab in ReachView 3.

The video below covers the process of exporting data from ReachView 3.

Where to find downloaded data#

Downloading completes successfully. To get the file, go to the folder where your device saves all the downloaded data.

  • iOS: After “Download complete” message appears, you can choose the folder to save file or share it using AirDrop or another app.

  • Android: “Download complete!” message means the file was saved successfully. It’s more likely you will find this file in My Files/Downloads or in My Files/Internal Storage/Download folders.