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Record and download logs

This tutorial shows how to record logs for data analysis and Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) and how to download them from Reach to your computer.


To learn more about PPK check this article.

Log split period#

Before starting log recording, you can specify the log split period in the Reach Panel settings. For instance, if we set to save the log every 4 hours, the new log file will be created every 4 hours, while preserving the previous log as well. This setting allows you to control the size of the files that you work with.


To enable logs recording, go to the Logging tab in Reach Panel. Here you can see several logging options. Reach can record raw data, position log, and base corrections.

Raw data#

A raw data log contains GNSS observations from the receiver without calculation of accurate coordinates. It can be recorded in UBX or directly in the industry-standard RINEX format. UBX can be converted to RINEX with the RTKCONV utility after downloading to your PC. If you do not know which one you need, we recommend using RINEX 3.03.

Time marks for UAV mapping are stored in this file as well.


While recording in RINEX format, UBX file is logging as a backup.


Position can be logged in different formats. Open a dropdown list to choose the format for position coordinates.


Here is a short formats overview. More detailed descriptions of formats may be found in the Position output section of the docs.

  • LLH

LLH is a simple text protocol for Latitude, Longitude, and Height in WGS84. It also contains information about RTK solution status.

  • XYZ

XYZ is a simple text protocol for X, Y, Z ECEF coordinates as well as solution status.

  • ENU

ENU is also a simple text protocol for East, North and UP components of the baseline as well as solution status.

  • NMEA

NMEA 0183 is the most popular standard in the industry. It is usually supported by most software and hardware. NMEA messages supported: GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGSA, GLGSA, GAGSA, GPGSV, GLGSV, GAGSV.

  • ERB

ERB format is deprecated.

ERB format is used for communication with Ardupilot.

Base corrections#

The last logging option is base corrections. This log format is defined by corrections Reach receives from the base. If you use Reach base, this log will be recorded in RTCM3.


After completing the survey, you can save logs to your Mac, Windows, Linux, or mobile device. You can do it in the same Logging tab in Reach Panel.

Turn off toggles to stop record the logs. Find your logs below in the Logging tab in Reach Panel.

You can see the recording date and time.

There are two buttons on the right side of each log: blue arrow button allows to save it, and red garbage can button deletes it.

Now when the logs are downloaded, you can use the RTKLIB software from the Emlid docs to start working with your data.

Check the PPK guide in Emlid docs to learn more about PPK.