LED status

LED functionality is available with ReachView version 2.7.0 and newer

Reach RS/RS+ LED indicators

Reach RS/RS+ has three LEDs, which are used as status indicators for three different parts of the system:

System part Indicator

Power LED and power button

LED state Demo
Normal operation
Battery charge
Low battery

Power LED will also confirm shutdown(after holding the power button for three seconds) with three fast blinks.

Network LED

During boot, Reach RS/RS+ enters a network scan state in which it will try to connect to any known Wi-Fi networks it can find. This might result in connecting to a previously added network or creating its own hotspot.

LED state Demo
Client Wi-fi mode
Hotspot mode

The Network LED behavior changes every time you change the Wi-Fi mode via ReachView. It will reflect turning hotspot on, scanning and connecting to existing wireless networks.

Stat LED

Stat LED is used to display ReachView status.

LED state Demo
Time sync
Normal operation
Point collection
Internal error


Reach RS/RS+ requires time syncing only during first time setup. Internet connection, which is required for the first setup anyway, will allow time syncing process to happen automatically.

LED Behavior

The table below demonstrates possible flash patterns describing various states of the receiver.

Reach State Demo


Reach RS+ charging

Reach RS charging

Reach RS+ charging after connecting the cable

Reach RS behavior after connecting the cable


Reach RS+ loading after connecting the cable

Time sync

Low battery

Network scan

App running, client Wi-Fi mode

App running, hotspot mode

Point collection
assuming the device is in hotspot mode

Internal error
assuming the device is in hotspot mode