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Carlson SurvCE/SurvPC setup guide

SurvCE starting from version 5.06 supports Emlid Reach RS/RS+. In this tutorial you'll find the information on how to setup data collector running SurvCE/SurvPC with Reach RS/RS+ via Bluetooth.

Configuring Bluetooth connection

In this tutorial the Bluetooth connection with Windows device is shown. Exact steps of pairing the devices may vary on different platforms.

  • In the ReachView app go to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tab. Turn on Bluetooth and make Reach RS/RS+ always discoverable.

  • On data collector go to Bluetooth settings and select "Add a Bluetooth Device". Select Reach from the list of discovered devices and confirm the connection.

  • When pairing is completed you will see the data collector is listed in ReachView.

Windows OS workaround for SurvPC

If you are using SurvPC on Windows system with built-in Bluetooth adapter, you also need to check the COM port assigned to the BT device:
1. Go to Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers

2. Right click on Reach device and select Properties

3. Go to Hardware tab and check Standard Serial over Bluetooth Link. In this example it's COM8.

Configuring ReachView

After successful Bluetooth pairing you should configure BT position output and correction input if needed.

Position output

  • Go to Position output in ReachView and select BT tab. Select NMEA format and click Apply.

Correction input

  • If you want to send the corrections from your controller via Bluetooth go to Correction input and select BT tab. Set RTCM3 format and Apply settings.

Configuring SurvCE

Configuring the communication between SurvCE and Reach RS/RS+

  • After launching SurvCE and creating a new project go to the Equip tab and select GPS Rover.

  • Select EMLID as Manufacturer.

  • Then go to Comms tab and pick Bluetooth settings.

Windows OS workaround for SurvPC

If you are using SurvPC on Windows system with built-in Bluetooth adapter, you just need to choose Generic BT Type and select COM port assigned to the BT device:

  • In a dialog window click "Find Device".

  • Once Reach RS/RS+ is detected select it.

  • Connect Reach RS/RS+ and SurvCE.

  • You will see the confirmation of connection.

Configure SurvCE to receive RTK corrections from NTRIP caster

  • In GPS Rover dialog select RTK tab. Select Data Collector Internet as Device and NTRIP as Network.

  • Go to Network settings and fill in NTRIP caster details.

  • After this select the mountpoint and click on the green tick.

  • The setup finished. You are ready to collect the data with Reach RS/RS+ and SurvCE!