Bluetooth output and Android mock location

Video Demonstration

A deep gratitude goes to our pro-user TB_RTK for a significant contribution in this tutorial.

It is possible to replace internal GPS on your Android device with Reach, this way any positioning app will be able to use precise RTK coordinates. Commonly used apps are Mobile Topographer Pro and ESRI Arcgis Collector.

Reach configuration

To use Reach with Android app you will need to do the following:

  • Pair your Android device with Reach / Reach RS/RS+


To do this, make your device discoverable. Then, go to the Wifi/Bluetooth Tab and find your device in bluetooth section. Once your device appears in the "discoverable" section, hit it to send a pairing request. Accept the pairing request on your device. Your device will appear in the "paired devices section".

  • In the "Position output Tab set position output to BT and format to NMEA


Don't forget to Apply the new rover settings

Android mock location

We provide a guide on how to use Reach with Lefebure NTRIP caster by Lefebure Design.

Despite being called an NTRIP caster this app allows NMEA data input via bluetooth as well. Also, it supports Android feature called mock location, which allows to substitute your device's built-in GPS receiver with an external location provider, Reach in our case.

To connect Reach, do the following:

  • Open the app, go to the settings(gear in the upper right corner)

  • Then go to receiver settings

Inside Receiver Settings:

  1. Change Bluetooth device to the Reach you are paired with
  2. Change Bluetooth Connection Method to Secure via Reflection
  3. Enable Mock location if you need to

  • Go back to the main screen, hit Connect and watch the connection!

Now coordinates in your Android device are replaced with coordinates from Reach / Reach RS/RS+ and you can use them in any app.