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Topcon MAGNET Field Layout setup guide

In this tutorial you'll find the information on how to setup data collector running Topcon MAGNET Field Layout with Reach RS/RS+ via Bluetooth. When working with MAGNET Field Layout it is possible to use Reach RS in conjunction with Topcon Total Stations like LN-100.

Topcon LN-100 and 2 Reach RS for site layout (photo courtesy of Brent Wiebe).

Configuring Bluetooth connection

In this tutorial the Bluetooth connection with Windows device is shown. Exact steps of pairing the devices may vary on different platforms.

  • In the ReachView app go to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tab. Turn on Bluetooth and make Reach RS always discoverable.

  • On data collector go to Bluetooth settings and select "Add a Bluetooth Device". Select Reach from the list of discovered devices and confirm the connection.

  • When pairing is completed you will see the data collector is listed in ReachView.

Configuring ReachView

After successful Bluetooth pairing you should configure BT position output and correction input if needed.

Position output

  • Go to Position output in ReachView and select BT tab. Select NMEA format and click Apply.

Correction input

  • If you want to send the corrections from your controller via Bluetooth go to Correction input and select BT tab. Set RTCM3 format and Apply settings.

Configuring MAGNET Field

Configuring the communication between MAGNET Field and Reach RS

  • Launch MAGNET Field and go to Configure menu.

  • Choose "Survey"

  • Click on "Select from Library" in GPS+ Configuration.

  • Add new configuration.

  • Type in the name for the configuration and choose Real Time DGPS/NMEA as Type with SBAS/Autonomous Corrections. Click "Next".

  • Pick "Generic NMEA" from the manufacturers list. Proceed to the next step.

  • Tick "External Receiver" and select Bluetooth connection type.

  • Click "Next" to configure survey parameters or click on the green tick to finish the setup.

  • Pick the created configuration and click on the green tick to exit Configuration Library.

  • Return to the main menu and select "Connect".

  • In connections select GPS device type and make sure Reach RS is chosen. Click "Connect".

  • Make a search for Bluetooth devices and choose Reach from the list. Click "Select".

  • In Bluetooth PIN settings tick "Require PIN" and enter the default PIN-code for Reach RS "123456".

  • Now go to Setup and check the Status. If the connection is successful the position will be displayed with a number of satellites and PDOP.

  • In case of successful connection you'll also see the receiver icon in the corner of MAGNET Field interface.