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Microsurvey FieldGenius setup guide

In this tutorial you'll find the information on how to setup data collector running FieldGenius with Reach RS/RS+ via Bluetooth. Step-by-step guide can be also found on MicroSurvey knowledgebase.

Configuring Bluetooth connection

  • In the ReachView app go to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tab. Turn on Bluetooth and make Reach RS always discoverable.

  • In Windows go to Bluetooth settings and select "Add a Bluetooth Device". Select Reach from the list of discovered devices and confirm the connection.

  • When pairing is completed you will see Windows device is listed in ReachView. Reach device will be listed as device in Windows.

Configuring ReachView

After successful Bluetooth pairing you should configure BT position output and correction input if needed.

Position output

  • Go to Position output in ReachView and select BT tab. Select NMEA format and click Apply

Correction input

  • If you want to send the corrections from your controller via Bluetooth go to Correction input and select BT tab. Set RTCM3 format and Apply settings.

Configuring FieldGenius

Creating a new project and instrument profile

  • Launch FieldGenius. It will ask to create a new project. On this step you can go to Project Settings to configure units and coordinate system. Click OK to proceed.

  • You'll see FieldGenius interface. Choose "Select Instrument".

  • Choose GNSS Rover instrument type and add new instrument profile.

  • Set Reach RS profile name and click Save.

Configuring the communication between FieldGenius and Reach RS

  • Pick the Edit option to configure the receiver parameters.

  • Select "Model and Communication"

  • Select NMEA from the Make list and Basic Model. Click on "Bluetooth Device List".

  • Click "Search" in Bluetooth Device List.

  • Select Reach device.

  • Enter the default PIN Code, for Reach RS it is "123456" and press "OK".

  • After adding Reach device in Bluetooth Device List return to Model and Communication settings and click "Connect".

  • You will see progress dialog.

  • If the connection is successful the position will be displayed with a number of satellites and PDOP.

Configure FieldGenius to receive RTK corrections from a NTRIP caster

  • Go to Instrument Settings.

  • Choose "Link Configure".

  • Pick Data Collector Internet in Link Device and click "Setup".

  • In the dialog window click "Press to Modify".

  • Click "Add" in NTRIP Casters dialog and enter NTRIP caster details. Press "OK".

  • Select the created caster.

  • Pick "OK" to finish the setup.

  • In Link Configure dialog pick "Connect".

  • Once connected to the Internet, request the sourcetable and choose a mountpoint.

  • In a moment you will see the solution status in FieldGenius interface.

  • You can also go to ReachView to check satellites and solution status.