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Mechanical specs


Reach M+ module weights 20g.

Connectors mating parts

Reach has 4 JST-GH connectors and comes with all required cables to connect to other devices.

Antenna connector is MCX, to connect to SMA or TNC antenna cable you can use one of the numerous adapters. (cable, adapter)

3D model

Reach M+ 3D model can be downloaded here:

Electrical specs

Maximum ratings

Name Value
Input voltage on USB and JST-GH connectors 4.75 - 5.5 V
Logic levels on all pins 3.3 V
Max input voltage on all pins 3.3 V
Antenna DC bias 3.3 V
Antenna output current 100 mA
Max current consumption @5V 500 mA
Normal current consumption @5V 200 mA
Current limit on USB OTG 1000 mA
Temperature range -20…+70ºC

Connectors pinout


Reach can both receive power from USB, acting as a device and source power to the port acting as a host. To use Reach in OTG mode you will need to connect 5V power source to JST-GH connector pins (5 V, GND) and use OTG USB cable.


CE Compliance documents can be found here: