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Introduction to Emlid Studio


Emlid Studio is in the beta version, which means it is still under development and not tested long enough to guarantee it will work flawlessly. If you have any questions or feature requests, join our community forum.

Emlid Studio is a cross-platform desktop application designed specifically for post-processing. The application has three workflows:

  • PPK: post-process the collected data

  • Stop & Go with RV3: get separate points with ReachView 3

  • Convert logs to RINEX: convert raw data from a receiver to the industry-standard RINEX format

Download and install Emlid Studio on your computer#

Emlid Studio desktop application is available for Windows and macOS.

Windows (v10 and later)macOS (v10.14 and later)
Get Emlid StudioGet Emlid Studio

Explore Emlid Studio#

To learn how to post-process the collected data, get separate points with ReachView 3, and convert logs in Emlid Studio, check these tutorials:

Workflows overview#


With the PPK feature, Emlid Studio makes post-processing easier than ever. PPK or Post-Processed Kinematic is a GNSS data correction technique widely used in surveying and mapping to obtain high-precision positioning data or centimeter-level accuracy.

Compared to RTK, PPK does not happen in real time: a base and a rover record raw GNSS logs without correction link between them, then these logs undergo processing to receive an accurate positioning track.

The advantage of this technique is that it offers a more flexible workflow. You can run the processing multiple times using different settings. Moreover, PPK can also be used as a backup for RTK in surveying projects.

Stop & Go with RV3

With the Stop & Go with RV3 feature, Emlid Studio allows you to get separate points from the track of measurements using raw data logs from a base and a rover and a CSV file from the ReachView 3 app. This technique can be compared to point collection, but all the required points are obtained after processing.

Stop & Go with RV3 involves the use of a base placed at a known point and a rover attending all unknown points and occupying each one for a short time. That is why this technique called "Stop & Go".

The advantage of this technique is that it can be used when it is impossible to provide a real-time correction link between the base and the rover due to insufficient LoRa line of sight range, absence of the Internet connection, non-availability of the NTRIP service, etc.

Convert logs to RINEX

With the Convert logs to RINEX feature, Emlid Studio allows converting raw data logs to the industry-standard RINEX format. RINEX is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data that facilitates the management and disposal of the receiver's measurements and their offline processing. Raw data collection is necessary for post-processing services that allow you to produce a more accurate result.

The advantage of the RINEX format is that it is designed to evolve and adapt to new types of measurements and new satellite navigation systems.