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Power supply

How to power Reach#

Emlid Reach M+/M2 can be powered using Micro-USB port or JST-GH ports. Power circuit is shared for all ports, so when you power the device over one port it will pass power to other ports.


Make sure that you have a stable power source for Reach. We recommend using USB 3.0 or 4.75 - 5.5V source. Only the red LED lights up when Reach lacks power.


Do not plug two power supplies at the same time as it may damage the device.

Power supply over USB#

You can power Reach over Micro-USB cable using power supplies like:

  • Power bank
  • USB wall adapter
  • Computer USB ports

Powering using JST-GH ports#

Reach can be powered by providing 5 Volts to corresponding pins on any of the two JST-GH ports.

When Reach is powered over JST-GH port it will pass power to devices connected to Micro-USB OTG port such as flash drives, 3G\4G modems, USB radios etc.