• ArduPilot updated:

    • ArduRover: 3.3.0
    • ArduCopter: 3.5.5
    • ArduPlane: 3.8.5
  • new packages for kernel and headers

    RPI's raspberrypi-kernel and raspberrypi-kernel-headers packages substitute with version for Navio. This allows to install packages dependent on raspberrypi and libraspberrypi.

  • kernel updated to v4.14.34

  • Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ support
  • emlidtool: 1.0.6
  • rcio-firmware: 1.5.4-1.2
  • rcio-dkms: 1.0.0:
    • Virtual GPIO support
    • Support for kernels >= 4.10
  • removed rpi-update package
  • removed WBC support


  • preinstalled ArduPilot with systemd scripts:

    • Arducopter: 3.4.6
    • ArduPlane: 3.7.1
    • APMrover2: 3.1.2
    • ardupilot.service: 0.9.0
  • Wi-Fi broadcast support

  • preinstalled ROS Indigo

    ros-indigo-mavros is held back to discourage updates: ROS Indigo depends on 0.17.x versions of mavros which doesn't handle properly some Boost error handling. Hence some monkey patching is needed.

  • make Emlid distribution fully compliant with official Raspbian

    This means that all packages that depend on libraspberrypi0 and raspberrypi-bootloader will work as expected. For example sudo apt-get install python-picamera will work

  • add python3, python3-pip, mavproxy, droneapi, tmux

  • emlitool: 0.8.6
  • fix rcio-dkms updates:

    rcio.dtbo could get not regenerated for newer kernels. The latter is now part of raspberrypi-kernel-emlid package.

  • fixed /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf issue that made it dissapear after the first boot

  • miscellaneous bugfixes


  • Added driver for rtl8812-based Wi-Fi dongles
  • Moved image snapshot closer to upstream
  • Updated rcio-dkms to 0.6



  • Minor EKF updates


  • Miscalleneous EKF fixes


  • LSM9DS1 magnetometer is the new default rendering 'Inconsistent Compasses' error obsolete
  • AK8963 is disabled by default
  • Power module definitions are updated to ease configuration


  • First stable release with support for Navio 2
  • EKF2 is used by default


  • Miscellaneous EKF improvements
  • New thread per bus API
  • MS5611 can never block the main thread as all bus operations are executed on another thread using the new API
  • Guided_NoGPS flight mode added to allow simpler control in non-GPS environments


  • LSM9DS1 support added with correct orientation set as default
  • Several compasses work out of the box
  • Various EKF improvements
  • Different frequency on AUX PWM channels
  • 16 RC Input channels are supported
  • ADC channels work as expected



  • Include all supported frames

RCIO kernel module


  • fixed erratic PWM output on first 8 channels


  • fixed a potential alt/default PWM rate misconfiguration that could lead to problems on octo/octo-quads



  • Initial release with board information and sensor testing one-click utility