We're now in process of transitioning our deploy scheme. That's why we strongly encourage you to look into this article. For a year our users had been asked to install a deb package with a dpkg -i command. This is a rather cumbersome way to get things done. From now on we deploy the packages to our repository making to possible to use apt-get out of the box. The ugliest part of the former is two deb packages existing in the wild with different upgrade steps required from users. That's what this entry is for.

General warnings

Please, backup your parameters before proceeding!


pi@navio: ~ $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


Read the warning once more and please obey the instructions! The packages do have different compasses' configuration due to various reasons.

After upgrade

You won't need to set compass #2 as external anymore and apply some custom rotation. It is done automatically for you. Unset compass #2 external option in GCS of choice.

Final thoughts

If this tutorial is confusing in any way, please let us now! We'd be glad to help you out and fix the instructions accordingly.