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Emlid Studio is a cross-platform desktop application designed specifically for post-processing. The application has five workflows:

  • Kinematic processing: Get a precise track of measurements using raw data logs from your base and rover recorded without a correction link.

  • Static processing: Obtain an accurate position of a single point using raw data from your local base and a continuously operating reference station (CORS).

  • Drone data processing: Geotag photos obtained during the drone flight for further mapping in photogrammetry software.

  • Stop & Go with Emlid Flow: Improve positions of points collected without a real-time correction link between the base and the rover.

  • Convert logs to RINEX: Convert raw data from your receiver to the industry-standard RINEX format.

Download Emlid Studio

Emlid Studio desktop application is available for Windows and macOS.

Windows (v10 64-bit and later)macOS (v10.14 and later)
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