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Rover Setup

Coordinate System

Choose a coordinate system based on GDA2020 (such as GDA2020 / MGA zone 46) or GDA94 (such as GDA94 / MGA zone 46) datums.

Vertical Datum

Choose the AHD height vertical datum.

The following geoids are used to perform the transformation:

  • AUSGeoid09
  • AUSGeoid2020

Base Setup

Your base or NTRIP service should be in GDA2020 or GDA94, depending on which datum is used.


When working with Smartnet or AusCORS NTRIP services, make sure to select the correct mount point. Some of them transmit position in GDA94 while others in GDA2020.

When setting up a base station on a benchmark, enter GDA2020 or GDA94 geographic coordinates (lat/long) and ellipsoidal height in the Emlid Flow Base settings.